The Machine Analysis of Data for Human Audition and Visualization (MADHAV) Lab is a research group in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur set up and led by Prof. Vipul Arora.

For open positions, see Jobs. UGP positions available for Fall 2023 (Jul-Dec), see UGPs.

We are organizing the 16th Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing 2023 at IIT Kanpur. Register now.


Our group’s research interests lie at the intersection of the theory and application of machine learning - with a focus on applications in Audio and Physics. With a strong interest in the mathematical fundamentals and a passion for real-world application, our group aims on being at the forefront of the field, by carrying out impactful research in the following areas:

  • Machine learning for audio signal processing
    • Music analysis: explainable AI and domain adaptation
    • Audio retrieval: representation learning
    • Speech recognition: confidence estimation
  • Generative Machine learning
    • Normalizing flows, adversarial learning, Monte Carlo, application in Physics (lattice QCD and statistical physics)
  • Time series analysis on sensor data
    • Sensor calibration: domain adaptation, semi-supervised learning


  • August 2023: We are organizing the 16th Winter School on Speech and Audio Processing 2023 at IIT Kanpur. Register now
  • July 2023: A new research project started with Monotype LLC. Positions open for students.
  • May 2023: One paper on acoustic word embeddings accepted at the INTERSPEECH' 23. Congratulations Adhiraj!
  • Feb 2023: Three papers accepted at the ICASSP' 23. Congratulations Sumit, Anup and Akshay!
  • Jan 2023: One paper on normalizing flows for lattice field theory accepted at the Physical Review D journal. Congratulations Ankur!
  • Jan 2023: One paper on audio representation learning accepted at the ICLR' 23. Congratulations Adhiraj!
  • Jan 2023: Kavya and Prof. Arora delivered a tutorial on Meta Learning at the CODS-COMAD' 23 at IIT Bombay.
  • Dec 2022: One paper on generative learning for lattice Gross-Neveu model accepted at the Scipost Physics Core journal. Congratulations Ankur!
  • Oct 2022: Prof. Arora delivered a talk on Model Adaptation for Learning from Small Data at C4DM, Queen Mary University of London.
  • July 2022: One paper on Audio Fingerprinting accepted at the ISMIR' 22. Congratulations Anup!