UG Opportunities


  • No PVF without tangible progress. At least two semesters of work for LoR.
  • It is your responsibility to present your progress in time (once a week).

How to apply

UGs willing to do projects with me (UGP or otherwise) can apply for the following projects. Send me an email with the heading “[UG Project Appl] <Project Name>”.


Image Generation

Use generative machine learning to generate images. Control style by conditioning the models. Cash prizes if you are able to complete the task by October 2023.

Automatic Speech Recognition

How does Alexa or Siri work? What are their limitations? Can we make our own ASR models that overcome these limitations? Students willing to work on these topics are welcome to apply for these sub-problems:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition for Indian English
  • Automatic Speech Recognition for Hindi Speech Watch CTC-1, CTC-2 and CTC-3.

Touch controlled music

Make flexible printed sensors to interact with musical instruments.