Summer Research Opportunities


  • SURGE applicants willing to work in lab should also refer to the details below.
  • Duration 8-12 weeks (starting early-mid May).
  • It is your responsibility to present your progress in time (once a week).

How to apply

UGs/PGs willing to do projects with us in summer 2024 can apply for the following projects.

Submit your details to the applicant interest form here. The last date to fill the form is 27 January, 2023.

Shortlisted candidates shall recieve a short coding assignment, following which final selections will take place. Well performing interns may also receive stipend.


Equation Builder (ML4Physics)

Use AI to analyse data to formulate equations that describe the data.


Label Propagation

Develop methods to efficiently propagate labels from a small labelled set to a large unlabeled database. Can you make NNs learn sufficiently from a small set to populate raw examples with labels?

With growing scale of datasets this has immense potential, as manual labelling is both resource and labour-intensive.

Reference: Iscen et al. Label Propagation for Deep Semi-Supervised Learning CVPR19.

Music Audio Labeling

Label music audio with what instruments are playing, who is the singer, what raga is being performed, etc. using AI methods.

This project involves several tasks with the challenges including analyzing the underlying structure of the music data with limited supervision.

Image Generation

Use generative machine learning to generate images. Control style by conditioning the models.